I was unable to make it over to pick up my food at last chance and Miss April with her kind heart had someone deliver food for me so that I could have a good Thanksgiving God bless these people they are so good helping the community and people in need you need something

Reggie Jones

Miss April that runs second chance is a very kind blessed lady .she loves helping out the community with supplies. Food ..and clothing .and makes people happy on holidays with gifts .thank you miss April for doing a great job helping the community God bless you and your volunteers from me charles keesee.

Charles Keesee

It’s real people all working for a purpose to give a second chance to anyone in need. We will make this mission a success one human heart at a time. April is a gift from God and God wants you to go to her.

Denise Kassal

My experience with Second Chance Last Opportunity over this past year has been nothing but amazing for me and my family. I have gone through many obstacles throughout this past year not just with my children but also with work and they have stood by me every step of the way.
When I first moved into this neighborhood and learned of Mrs. April in the program she provides I was a little nervous and worried about sharing the struggles I was going through with the children.

And once I did open up to Mrs. April not only did she comfort me but she made me feel like I was at home and made my children feel as if they were family every single time we came it was not just a hello it was a hello followed by a hug and she knew them by name not many people can say that and I’m not saying that it’s needed but it is definitely appreciated.

There are many volunteers that work towards providing everyone in the community with long hot days followed by Cold nights these men and women have stood out here to provide and give.
Not long after getting involved with second Chance last opportunity did I discover something amazing – it gave me chills once I realized who her brother was. A man who is not only saved my life once but multiple times in my late teens, one who also walked my mother and grandfather through hard times in our life as well as giving me life lessons for the future Derek Jones. It all made sense why every time I was near Mrs. April I felt safe like a security blanket it then all made sense to me it was meant to be. I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason and the paths we take lead us to our future destinations.

Through holidays, birthdays, and daily events I have had my community here to help me through every step of the way, and to the founder of all this greatness, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart how appreciative I and my family and children are off having you in our lives!


There is so much I can say about this woman and her program and all her volunteers the list would go for days but I’ll leave it on a beautiful note by saying ” We are STRONG We are BEAUTIFUL We are WORTH IT!” ALWAYS HAVE FAITH IN WHAT YOU’RE DOING, BELIEVE IN WHO YOU CAN BECOME, ACHIEVE GREATNESS.

Sierra Cunningham

SCLO has done so much for me and my family. April Glasco is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met! I started going to the diaper drives about a year ago. I was a new mom, by myself, struggling to provide my daughter with everything she needed. SCLO helped me out with diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, hygiene products, and food! Right before Christmas time, I participated in the on-the-job training, where I learned helpful tools for success and was given a payment that enabled me to pay off some of my bills and for once not be behind and struggling. SCLO held a thanksgiving food drive and without it, my family wouldn’t have had the means to have our thanksgiving dinner.

SCLO also held a Christmas event where my daughter was able to meet Santa and they not only gave my daughter Christmas presents but they gave me Christmas presents as well. I’m tearing up writing this because without April and SCLO I wouldn’t have been able to give my child the Christmas or my family the thanksgiving they deserved. I joined the women’s empowerment class where we met over zoom, and it has given me inspiration and motivation, and helpful tools to deal with depression and hard times. All the ladies met for a “girls night out” and we were told to dress to impress. It has been so long since I had a reason to dress up and feel good about myself. I made some friends and of course, Miss April blessed us with her words of wisdom and motivation. Just recently on Good Friday, there was a diaper drive I attended, along with the usual baby supplies they had pizzas, ice creams, music, and a bubble machine along with a man making big bubbles for the kids. We stayed for a while and had our lunch and our treat while my daughter excitedly watched the bubbles. We had such a great afternoon and seeing the joy in my daughter’s face was priceless.

When you don’t have a lot of money to do fun things with your kids, moments like this are a blessing. It’s been a year since I first met Miss April and came to SCLO for help. I’m in a much better place now than I was before. I’ve left toxic relationships, I have more self-worth and motivation. I just started a job full time and SCLO has helped keep my family fed, clothed and has made such a difference in our lives. I owe this place my life! SCLO has such a huge impact on the community. Miss April has the biggest heart and life to help bring women up to be the best they can be for themselves and their children. I know Miss April has touched the hearts of so many families and children. I’m blessed to have ever stepped foot in those doors and to get to know Miss April.

Tiffany Kellogg

Second chance has helped my family when my girls were young with Thanksgiving and Christmas. April is a great person. I have known for many years now. She helped us this year with backpacks for my grandchildren.

I have been receiving diapers for my kids. Diaper cost is expensive with raising three young kids. With the rising costs of everything, it makes it even harder. I am a stay-at-home mom, and my husband has limited work. We have lived solely on savings for the years we were working. I am very grateful for the help you do for my family during this difficult time. We will pay it forward when the time comes.

We have an ECC # and we are a military family. I’m a retired disabled veteran with Parkinson’s, and my wife is also my caregiver. We live at the moment on Social Security, and SCLO has helped us with food and supplies, and we appreciate all the help you have given us and our family. Thanks for your generosity and kindness. You have really made a difference in our lives.

Second Chance Last Opportunity has helped me financiallyand mentally. SCLO helped me to remain encouraged and to continue working on the person that I am becoming. SCLO gave my children the opportunity to enjoy their holidays. Thank you, Second Chance Last Opportunity.

They have helped us days we had nothing, bringing hope to our family. Miss April is a wonderful, kind and caring person, always helping less fortunate people with a big smile on her face. Thank you, Miss April, for all you do! We appreciate you!

You guys have literally been lifesavers for me. One of my sons is disabled, and I miss a lot of work because of this. I often do not have diapers and occasionally not enough food. It’s been tough for us, but we’re making do. Thank you for everything you do!

You guys are absolute lifesavers! Plus, you’ve always been really good to my boys. Every time my son walks in, even though he is absolutely terrified of talking to people, you always treat him with respect. Thank you!

I went there with my 4 kids to get food the week after Hurricane Ian hit. I even came early one morning and volunteered my time to help pack food. This is so helpful for my family. They are amazing!!

My husband is a disabled veteran with Parkinson’s, and SCLO has helped my family with food and supplies for the last couple years. and we are very appreciative of all that SCLO has done for us.

Y’all have helped many times over the past few months with diapers and baby supplies. We also came to your back-to-school backpack event.

Me an ayudado mucho con los pañales soy Madre soltera con mi niño de 4 con discapacidad pero estoy agradecidad con la ayuda de SCLO’s (I have been helped a lot with diapers. I am a single mother with a 4-year-old with disabilities, but I am grateful for SCLO’s help).

With food, clothess and baby products, I thank you for all the support you have done for our community and me. God bless.

Helped provide diapers for my children in time of need! I have been out of work since I had my baby and it has been a huge help!

With diapers and formula and not being able to work right now. It helped a tremendous amount so I could feed my daughter

Have participated in baby day, and SCLO helped me very much while I was unemployed and couldn’t afford diapers for my son.

Yes! I went to a baby shower, and they were very helpful with information and little gifts for the soon-to-come babies!

Estoy agradecidad me an ayudado con paañales para mis hijos soy Madre soltera Tengo mi niño de 4 con discapacidad. (I am grateful. They have helped me with diapers for my children. I am a single mother. I have my 4-year-old with a disability.)

Last Holiday season my kids were able to have a nice Christmas and Thanksgiving because of SCLO!!

I have participated in the back-to-school program. It was a blessing. Thanks so much for what you do.

Providing diapers for my children which has been a blessing during these rough times for my family!

They helped me at the beginning of the school year with backpacks and haircuts for my children!!

I helped volunteer when I came early to get help with food for my family during hurricane Ian.

I was helped with $20 for gas to get to a job interview! I’ve also gotten groceries a long time ago!

Y’all have helped with diapers for my little ones and also with backpacks for my older ones.

Y’all have helped us with food on our tables and also my children get to have Christmas.

They helped me with Christmas last year and food when I needed it throughout the year.

Became client with Mothers Helping Mothers and got connected to these resources.

I have participated in baby day distribution and it has helped me tremendously.

We have been helped with diaper supplies. Thank you for all that you have done.

They helped me with food and diapers. I had a stroke and needed assistance.

You have helped my family with baby supplies when we were really in need.

Made sure we were able to feed our kids and have some Easter baskets.

Helping my kids and family throughout the hard times. Thank you, Ms. April.

Been in my life since I was a kid. I really appreciate it soooo much.

Providing food & gifts for my younger children when needed.

I am that I am, I learned from that, thank you so much, Miss April.

It helped me during a tough time while I was in a tough spot.

They have provided help with diapers and more for me and my family

Y’all have helped with anything Thanksgiving, food, etc.

I have received diapers, which my babies are thankful for.

Help comes in many ways, from food, baby stuff, and school stuff.

Yes, Second Chance has helped me with rental assistance.

A sido de gran ayda me a ayudado con sosas para mi bebe (A great help, SCLO has helped me with stuff for my baby)

I’ve received diapers, and it was super helpful!

Yes! With diapers and wipes and some toys for my baby.

I sometimes use the baby days for diaper distribution.

SCLO has helped me with diapers for my twin babies.

Provided us with diapers and food when needed.

They have helped me with many baby supplies and food.

SCLO helped me & my family with food & clothes.

Baby Distribution with diapers and baby food.

I have gotten diapers in the past and food.

Have helped so much with diapers and wipes

With everything—diapers, clothes, food, school supplies

Food distributions have helped my family.

Baby supplies have helped a lot.

I’ve been with SCLO for about 10yrs.

Helped me with Christmas a long time ago!!

They helped me with food a while back.

With baby supplies, food, and clothes.

They have helped me out with diapers.

With food, and helping out my boys.

Comida y pañales (Food and toys for kids and diapers).

Yes, very good help for many years.

Diapers when I had nothing else.

Food and stuff for my children.

Si me a ayudado mucho gracias.

Food and clothes and diapers.

Diapers and school supplies.

Be a better person in life.

Helped with newborn items.