GCC Is Teaming Up With Second Chance Last Opportunity!

GCC Is Teaming Up With Second Chance Last Opportunity!

February 29, Saturday: A HeForShe Community Event with Second Chance Last Opportunity

GCC is teaming up with Second Chance Last Opportunity (SCLO)! We’re hosting a HeForShe program encouraging men – fathers, uncles, stepfathers, brothers – to support the aspirations and gender equality of the young women in their lives.

This February dinner/dance will engage SCLO community members to gain a better understanding of how to be supportive male role models and advocate for gender equality as well as celebrate the aspirations of young women.

We need your help. Get HeForShe moving by supporting this important Sarasota event!

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Created by UN Women, HeForShe is a solidarity movement which provides a systematic approach and a targeted platform on which men and boys can engage and become change agents towards the achievement of gender equality. The innovative approach to addressing gender inequality has resulted in gained momentum around gender talks.

According to UN Women, achieving gender equality requires an inclusive approach that both recognizes men and boys as partners for women’s rights, and acknowledges how they also benefit from this equality. Since the launch of HeForShe campaign on 20 September 2014 by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, hundreds of thousands of men from around the world including Hollywood actor Matt Damon and Ex-President Barack Obama have endorsed the movement.

At its launch, UN Women made a call to mobilize the first 100,000 men in the campaign; a goal successfully reached in just three days. Ever since approximately 1.3 billion commitments have been made, and this number is only growing. From U.S alone 137,000+ commitments have been made, half of which are by men.

The movement has four broad-based goals and through its advocacy efforts seeks to:

  • Accelerate women’s economic empowerment
  • Support women’s role in peace and security
  • Advance women’s political participation and leadership
  • Eliminate gender-based violence

Elizabeth Nyamayaro, a senior advisor to Executive Director of UN Women, continues the spearhead the movement, Emma Watson remains an active spokesperson of HeForShe campaign.


Non-profit targets programs to Sarasota’s most at-risk community

Non-profit targets programs to Sarasota’s most at-risk community

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – A non-profit organization in Newtown is on a mission to empower people in crisis and a community that continually struggles with crime, drugs, domestic violence and unemployment.


Tina Peterman had been selling and doing drugs since she graduated high school, but when Peterman went to prison, she decided enough was enough.


“I was just so tired. I was so tired,” said Peterman. “I’m 55-years old now, so it’s been a long haul, but when I met her, it’s like she cared.”


The person she met was Second Chance, Last Opportunity founder Dr. April Glasco, who Peterman says was the first person to hear her cries for help.

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