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S.M.I.L.E.S – Specifically, Meeting Individual’s Life Skills, Emergency Services & Support

The S.M.I.L.E.S. Specifically, Emergency Crisis Center offers emergency food, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, and clothing twice weekly. In addition to food, Bundles of Joy provides emergency formula, diapers, wipes blankets, and baby clothing.

The number of clients needing emergency supplies from us has increased. SCLO provides emergency services to over 170 to 200 individuals per week at our Emergency Crisis Center location By providing these items; SCLO is able to encourage the recipients to participate in our learning and training assistance programs.


Pieces Of Me – Women & Girls Empowerment

Many of the women that attend these classes have experienced hunger, homelessness, or risk of homelessness, often involving domestic violence. The Empowerment classes strive to help women learn how to define their crisis situation and plan for the next step. They come to see that safety for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren is a fundamental basic human right.

We do whatever it takes to assist women in times of crisis to accept their situation and empower them to formulate a plan to move to their next step. Many of the women are single moms. The PIECES OF ME Program is open to all women and girls and is recognized within the community as a program that does not exclude anyone and makes all attendees feel included, valued, and able to speak their truth. The issue of confidentiality amongst group attendees is addressed.

SCLO’s mission for over 27 years has been to help people in need to learn how to help themselves. SCLO encourages the recipients to participate in our learning and training assistance programs. Women can find support and inspiration for their Journey. Many graduates give back by volunteering themselves.

SCLO’S NEW SIX-MONTH PROGRAM FOR WOMEN. The PIECES OF ME Women’s Empowerment Classes are included in this program. Participants will receive and be encouraged to keep a journal throughout the program. Arts and crafts are offered and participants will have the opportunity to enter their arts and crafts projects in the Sarasota County Fair competition. Participants who complete the program will be taken on a shopping trip and receive a gift card to be used for their Graduation Event.

Mental Health Counseling

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