Reading is Fun

“Reading is Fun” Book Club for youth and adults Culturally relevant books – Reading is Fun Book Club reaches youth, women, and men and aims to transform lives. All participants will become aware of their cultural backgrounds, learn who they are as a people, and become empowered. Enrollment is FREE. Each pre-registered household will pick out the books of their choice. Books are selected for age, reading level, and grade level. In addition, Book Club participants will enjoy monthly, enrichment activities and community events. Books featuring educational activities will also be included. Two hundred people have already enrolled. For anyone who struggles with reading, SCLO will provide referrals to the Sarasota Literacy Council.

Giving Challenge: Our goal is to encourage, inspire, and empower individuals to read. They will experience transformation through reading about their cultural background, become uplifted when feeling hopeless, and gain strength from moving from low self-esteem to confidence from knowing who they are.