Spread The Word

Please spread the word about the work Second Chance-Last Opportunity is doing to help realize the potential of Sarasota’s overlooked and under-served population. Share our stories on Facebook, mention the organization to your colleagues, and forward our emails to your friends.

Raising awareness of the work that we do is so important. Every mention makes a difference.

Thank you for doing your part.

$20,000 Donation Challenge

After learning about the hunger that is rapidly growing in our community, an anonymous donor has started a matching-donation campaign to raise funds. The goal is $20,000 to be raised (and matched) in 10 days. These badly needed funds will be used to purchase groceries, personal care items and new-baby needs that we will distribute at our building, 1933 Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Way, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon.

Thank you for spreading love in the form of support for those in need in these challenging times.