Second Chance Last Opportunity was selected by the community to be one of our Bags for Change partners for the quarter in Sarasota. The quarter starts February 4th and ends May 26th. For every reusable bag, customers will get a wooden dime to put towards the nonprofit of their choice and at the end of the quarter we’ll count up all the dimes and double that number. You are also more than welcome to schedule some time to come in the store and set up a table to talk more about your nonprofit. I look forward to partnering together this quarter. Second Chance Last Opportunity, I am excited to know that Second Chance Last Opportunity has been selected by the community to be one of your Bags for Change partners for the Quarter in Sarasota. Second Chance Last Opportunity is scheduled on the following dates Feb14th & Feb 24, March 24 & April 7 April 21 May 1 & May 17. to come in and table/talk about Second Chance Last Opportunity.  We are asked to bring our own table and supplies. Most organizations will bring brochures, business cards, table displays, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.

April Glasco