SCLO has Received a
$50,000 Matching Gift Offer!

Second Chance Last Opportunity (SCLO) is pleased to announce that we have received a matching gift of $50,000 from an anonymous donor. We are overjoyed by this vote of confidence for all our efforts. However, our matching gift of $50,000 must be raised by May 31, 2021. Because this is a “matching gift” we need your help to receive the full amount.

This matching gift is part of an additional donation from The Flanzer Foundation, who will match any gift from $5 to $500 each month. We may only need to raise $25,000 from our supporters during the next few months if we receive monthly donations of $500 or less through The Flanzer Foundation. We invite you to go to to make a donation to help us meet this goal.

When we reach the $50,000 goal through the Flanzer Foundation, our anonymous donor will give us another $50,000. We ask that you consider making a monthly donation to SCLO of $500 or less through The Flanzer Foundation “make-a-donation” program for each of the next three months of March, April, and May. Think of the individuals and families that we can help with this gift! SCLO thanks you in advance for your help.

$20,000 Donation Challenge

After learning about the hunger that is rapidly growing in our community, an anonymous donor has started a matching-donation campaign to raise funds. The goal is $20,000 to be raised (and matched) in 10 days. These badly needed funds will be used to purchase groceries, personal care items and new-baby needs that we will distribute at our building, 1933 Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Way, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon.

Thank you for spreading love in the form of support for those in need in these challenging times.