So many of our young people live in constant crisis mode with an unstable home life, few positive role models, and no constructive outlet for their free time. Considering the challenges our young people face growing up, Second Chance-Last Opportunity decided that youth programming should be at the heart of what it does in the community. Second Chance is there for these youth, at our drop-in center, at the schools and on the street, holding them to high standards, offering tough love, and helping them to respect themselves and look to the future.

Strategies to successfully manage time and money, to make positive choices, to deal with health and anger management issues, and to improve communication skills are all offered as part of the various Community Youth Outreach Programs.


Out of the Box’ Youth Program

Out of the Box is a program for youth aged 12-18 years offered when school is not in session.

As a result of high expectations, a proven curriculum with evidence-based practices, and differentiated learning,‘Out of the Box’ participants develop character and the confidence to be the best they can be. We are able to expose our youth to a world outside their own which gives them opportunities to make use of their newly developing skills and positive outlook. Successful completion will bring them newfound self-awareness, respect for themselves, their families, and their education, and the confidence to make good choices.

The program includes mentoring, discussion, role-play, activities, and field trips on subjects that include:

  • Coping skills
  • Conflict avoidance and resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Family Relationships