$5,000 Donation Match!

SCLO has a generous anonymous donor that has agreed to match all the money that we can raise in the next 23 days up to $5,000!

We are asking everyone to make a donation within the next three weeks. If we can meet our goal, SCLO will net $10,000! Every single dollar raised is a huge step toward helping more people in need, and your support plays a large part in our success!

Please help us with your gift, large or small!

You can donate today at our donate page or by mailing your check to P.O. Box 1027, Sarasota, FL 34230

*All donations are tax deductable

Save the Date for Share the Light 2018!

Our 23rd Anniversary Fundraiser is to be held on October 25, 2018.@ Michael’s On East @ 11:30am

Second Chance Last Opportunity are celebrating our 23nd year of providing unique and holistic services to a hidden population who strive to be productive citizens in our community. We are very proud of both our longevity and our clients’ accomplishments.

This is one of Second Chance Last Opportunity’s major fundraisers, and the proceeds will make it possible for us to expand our programs, services, and client base for another 23 years. An important role of the event is to increase awareness of our organization, Second Chance Last Opportunity has affected so many so directly in our community.

Git It In Your Soul!


It’s that time of year again!!! Time to celebrate the creative, energetic, and determined way Second Chance Last Opportunity has approached its mission of giving hope to those in crisis’s has reached out to those needing a second Chance, through strategies that educate and empower individuals to rebuild their lives. Sarasota is a better place because of SCLO’s unwavering and transformative programs.

During our celebration, we will recognize our volunteers. On behalf of second chance less opportunity I am personally inviting you to attend and we will be preparing presenting you a making a different volunteer award.
Join us for a fun party fundraiser event on Saturday, May 19 from 7 to 10 PM at the Heritage Oaks & Country Club, 4800 Chase Oaks Drive Sarasota, FL 34241. Tickets are $20 and it includes hors d’oeuvres, birthday cake, and great company volunteer recognize and high energy and happy music from our DJ AL. Dust off your dancing shoes and come celebrate our 23rd annual anniversary with us!

We Need Your Help!

Second Chance Last Opportunity was selected by the community to be one of our Bags for Change partners for the quarter in Sarasota. The quarter starts February 4th and ends May 26th. For every reusable bag, customers will get a wooden dime to put towards the nonprofit of their choice and at the end of the quarter we’ll count up all the dimes and double that number. You are also more than welcome to schedule some time to come in the store and set up a table to talk more about your nonprofit. I look forward to partnering together this quarter. Second Chance Last Opportunity, I am excited to know that Second Chance Last Opportunity has been selected by the community to be one of your Bags for Change partners for the Quarter in Sarasota. Second Chance Last Opportunity is scheduled on the following dates Feb14th & Feb 24, March 24 & April 7 April 21 May 1 & May 17. to come in and table/talk about Second Chance Last Opportunity.  We are asked to bring our own table and supplies. Most organizations will bring brochures, business cards, table displays, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.

April Glasco

We have a $5,000 Donation Match Challenge!

A Donor will match funds up to $5,000

Please consider making a donation within the next two weeks – a generous anonymous donor will match funds up to $5,000, netting $10,000 for SCLO. Deadline for collecting funds for match is Tuesday, January, 30th. As of today, SCLO have collected $1500 towards this match.
Every dollar raised means we are able to help more people in need, and your support has a huge impact on our success as a local, grass-roots non-profit.

Please help us with your gift, large or small.

To donate, visit our websitehttps://secondchancelastopportunity.org/you-can-help/donate/

The 2018 Git It In Your Soul Dance Party!

The NINTH Annual ‘Git It In Your Soul’ Dance Party on Saturday, May 19.  This event will be held at Laurel Oaks Country Club to celebrate 23 years of life-changing work at SCLO. Tickets are only $20 and include food and live music! We look forward to seeing you there!